Myths About Online Slots

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There are various myths that surround online slots. These myths have been around for decades. Though casino officials are aware of them, some of them still influence online slots players. One of these is the hot and cold slots. This is an old slot winning strategy that is still relevant today. The best strategy is to play on a hot slot and avoid it when the cold slot is available. Then you’ll have more chances of winning! But there are many more myths about online slots that you need to be aware of.

Game variations

A slot machine is a gaming device that consists of a wheel, reel, and different objects that you can place bets on. The goal of these machines is to have all the reels stop on the same image or object. This game type is the easiest to play because it does not require much knowledge or thought. However, you should pay attention to the game variations when playing slots online. These variations vary depending on the casino’s software.

Bonus rounds

A bonus round is a game where players have the opportunity to win prizes based on matching symbols. These symbols can be scatters or bonus symbols. Sometimes they represent the slot’s logo or main character. Regardless of their appearance, these symbols have an extra element to them that makes them stand out from other symbols. You can also earn free spins by landing at least three scatter symbols within a reel. The number of free spins awarded will depend on the type of scatter symbol you land.

Wild symbols

Online slots with wild symbols have different features and benefits. They can help you to make winning combinations by substituting for other symbols on the reels. These symbols also bring different prizes. They can appear more than once in one round. Usually, they appear in the center reels. You should check the paytable to see which symbols can substitute for wild ones. Wild symbols are often found on the middle reels, and they will replace all other symbols except for the scatter symbol.

Scatter symbols

Scatter symbols in online slots are a great way to win extra payouts. These symbols often trigger bonus rounds and mini-games, which can lead to spectacular wins in online casinos. They also trigger free spins, which you can collect depending on the number of scatter symbols you find. These symbols usually use specific graphics and are game-specific. If you happen to land three or more of them on an active pay line, you’ll be eligible to win a multiplier of up to x500.


A good place to start when you’re new to online slots is by studying the RTP. RTP stands for Return to Player and refers to the percentage of winnings that is determined by the game’s random number generator. A game with a high RTP has a high hit frequency and a lower variance, but these games can be rewarding, as well. To determine how much RTP a game has, look at its paytable, which lists the rules, special symbols, bonus features, and paylines.